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Personal Data

Through means of this notice, OLLER I DOLCET SCP J61427910, title holder of the website http://www.farmaciaoller.com/, informs clients and users of the website that their Policy of Personal Data Protection, which conforms to current legislation, covers materials on this website. Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts declares their satisfactory compliance with all of the legal requirements established by the la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of personal data protection (herein after LOPD) and development regulations.

Data Collection

Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts collects personal data through the website contact page in order to facilitate the formulation of matters related to contents. In some cases, this data will be stored in a file owned by Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts designed to permit coherent monitoring of commercial requests and technical support for those users who have submitted the forms. This data can also facilitate, at a statistical level, the optimization of the usability of the website or the segmentation of audiences.

All of this collection, treatment and storage of personal data will always conform to the principles of quality, information and consent. This ensures that personal data will NEVER be used for a purpose other than that for which it was collected and that it is pertinent and necessary to perform the legitimate purpose for which they were collected.

Rights of those Affected

Those affected shall have the right to access the automated files at any time, and exercise their right to ACCESS, RECTIFY, CANCEL AND OPPOSE in the terms included in the data protection legislation. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you must apply in writing, enclosing a copy of your National Identity Card to the Legal Advice Department of Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts, Plaça Concordia 3, 08014 Barcelona. In said letter the owner must include an address to which Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts can send confirmation that they have undertaken your request. You may also undertake all personal data communication with Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts via email, corresponding with the address: info@farmaciaoller.com

Personal Data Communication

Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts guarantees that any communication of personal data to external entities, if any, will occur in accordance with the LOPD requirements. Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts will not communicate personal data if they do not have consent of those affected, according to article 11 of the LOPD. Commercial communications will only be sent with users consent, honoring the obligation to inform those affected of action taken. In all cases, the user will have the right to oppose these commercial communications. This opposition can be exercised through means of electronic media, or by sending an enclosed copy of your National Identity Card to the Legal Department of Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts.

To contact us, you can request an informative email, arrange a meeting or call us (+34) 934397905 / 934393623


Cookies are vital to the functioning of websites. However, despite their many benefits, they have become notorious when shared across different domains. This notice will help you understand the different levels of intrusiveness of the cookies we use, as well as the scenarios under which prior permission will be requested as a condition for their storage.

“Analytical” Cookies
In order to undertake periodic maintenance, and ensure the best user service possible, this website makes use of “analytical” cookies to collect data on activity. The information gathered is always anonymous, making it impossible to establish links between browsing patterns and specific individuals.

In specifically, Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts stores “analytical” cookies from Google Analytics in its terminal. The user can exclude their individual activity through the exclusion systems facilitated by Google Analytics.

List and description of cookies. Levels of Intrusiveness
The table that follows outlines the cookies which have been mentioned above, incorporating a criteria for the “level of intrusiveness” on a scale of 1 to 3, in which:

  1. – Level 1: corresponds with internal use cookies necessary for the provision of the basic service solicited by the user
  2. – Level 2: corresponds with anonymous internal use cookies necessary for the maintenance of content and navigation, such as cookies managed by third-parties in the framework of services requested expressly by the user of those websites (eg.: Social Plugins from Facebook or Twitter).
  3. – Level 3: corresponds with cookies managed by third-parties in a service framework not expressly requested by the user, which permit the tracking of the user throughout websites that Farmàcia Antiga de Les Corts does not own. (eg.:graphic advertising platforms). The specification of this level is accompanied by the name of the owner. The use of level 3 cookies is subject to prior permission of the user through express confirmation of acceptance.

Table: only persistent cookies, with Name, duration, purpose and intrusiveness-owner if they are of this level.

cookie duration purpose Intrusiveness
__utma 2 years Google Analytics level 2
__utmb 30 minutes Google Analytics level 2
__utmz 6 months Google Analytics level 2

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